Jamaican Social Media Stars – Candy, Mackerel and Bully Beef Entertained in 2019

Candy Wow, Mackerel and Bully Beef made their way onto television screens and into the hearts of Jamaicans, they all had names that were linked to something you eat.

These social media stars had videos that went viral and then capitalized on their fame. Candy Wow, with “Can I get a Wow”, Mackerel with this line “people man nice and comfortable” and Bully Beef was talking about how clean she was, even though she was fat and had bulges in some places.


Social media star Mackerel

Mackerel did a song and some people were fascinated by her and wondered whose man would want this little Black girl anyway.

candy wow jamaican entertainer

Candy’s “Can I get a Wow” was something almost every Jamaican was saying for a while and it worked nicely with “Wata with Wow” the Wisynco bottled water company slogan.

Jamaican entertainer bully beef

Bully beef didn’t manage to knock out Candy and Mackerel even though she weighed 249 lbs, and that was her plan. She said she was a boxer who could dance.


Darmowe Spiny Bez Depozytu

They all capitalized on their fame and made some money, but the fame didn’t seem to last. It is said that Jamaicans love the underdogs, they will cheer for them and forget the prepared people and companies will pay these underdogs to advertise their products for a while, before their fame fades away.

This new way to find fame by using cell phones to make videos and find ways to make them go viral is now a thing that Jamaicans are doing, and it is working for them because they are very creative.


However, the fame doesn’t last long because there is no proper management of their careers, and people quickly move on and start talking about other stars. It takes work to stay in the limelight. They are now seen as victimized people who were victorious for a time. Their careers didn’t have longevity, but they added spice to the entertainment scene.



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