Japanese School Places Ban On Ponytails To Not Get Boys Sexually Excited 

Several Japanese Grade schools have decided to put a ban on Ponytails and according to Vice who spoke to a former middle school teacher, they were informed that the reasoning was to keep the female students from getting the male ones sexually excited.

The rule governing that regulation is called the Buraku Kōsoku or the Black rules and they have been dated as far back as 1870. These rules according to Vice usually include strict restrictions on the colour of underwear, the colour of socks, and the shape of eyebrows. They also uncovered information via a survey that pointed towards 1 in 10 schools in the area of Fukuoka going by the rules.


Based on the information that Vice got from the former middle school teacher, whose name is Motoki Siguyama, the rule takes away from self-expression and so he, some parents and students joined together and protested the rule which eventually caused some schools to adjust, however, some are still sticking by it.

Siguyama also told Vice that undercuts are also banned and girls are required to have their hair in the natural form to the extent of them having to show proof of it.

Some cultures are indeed very intriguing and even though Jamaica abides by certain principles such as keeping the skirt length below the knee, but to place a ban on ponytails is considered by most people to be extreme.

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