JA’s Roots, Rock Reggae Band “EarthKry” Celebrates Reggae Month with Reggae Vibes !

Monday, February 26, 2018, 10:57 AM

[Sharingbuttons]As worldwide Reggae Month festivities slowly come to an end, Jamaica’s self contained band EarthKry remain steadily hard at work carrying the authentic roots rock reggae torch via their Survival Winter Tour.

Vocalist/Guitarist Aldayne Haughtron, Keyboardist Phillip Mcfarlane, Drummer Kieron Cunningham and Bassist Kamardo Blake kicked off the latter in Cambridge Massachusetts and have since wowed reggae lovers throughout the East Coast of the United States. Rave reviews from patrons and industry reporters as EarthKry performed from their “Hard Road” EP, and worldwide top charting debut album “SURVIVAL”. “The four musicians created a sound Haughton noted himself was “influenced by vintage reggae but also other influences.” As the band’s set went on, it sounded as if its members had chosen the best parts of every kind of music and made it a part of what they do. There were guitar solos that lingered and made the instrument speak as Prince did, vocal harmonies reminiscent of great 70s R&B bands like Earth, Wind, and Fire, keyboards that kept bringing one back to the great Billy Preston, and back beats that owed as much of a debt to bands like P-Funk as they did to Steel Pulse. Haughton also offered the crowd “peace and blessings” before the encore. “Peace and joy every time.” It was not a stretch to imagine that this band does just that, with the voice of the people, wherever they go.” – Karen, Ponzio, New Haven Independent


As the band trods on it’s mission to carry the roots legacy, the past month has held a special significance for the band. Reggae Month is for than 28 days, it is their life, their daily journey, they each explained what Reggae is to them. “Reggae to me… Reggae is the pulse that beats within deep down in our souls and mind. Reggae is a color, reggae is a story, reggae is a culture. It’s a part of our history. Reggae is more than a sound.” – Phillip Mcfarlane, keyboard

“Reggae is a sound, it is a frequency that evokes something in you through a beat and lyrics. It can calm, evoke unity and compassion while delivering good vibes and make you dance. Reggae is togetherness across borders”- Kieron Cunningham, drummer

“Reggae is not so easily defined by words. The cliche is to say that reggae is life but it is appropriate for this occasion. Reggae is more than a sound it is a feeling/emotion and the message of the universe to the people of earth. It is my souls choice as medium of expression. Reggae is me.” – Aldayne Haughton, vocalist/guitarist

“Reggae to me is freedom and enlightenment. Reggae is a place where i personally find tranquility and peace of mind. It unifies, build bridges and tears down walls, not only where it is created, but wherever there is a heart beat. I know it sounds cliche but it really is the universal language.” – Kamardo Blake, bassist

EarthKry continues on to the West Coast leg of Survival Winter Tour, Europeans fans got a peak into their upcoming summer festival seasons as the lineup of UK’s Boomtown was announced. Taking place August 9th to 12th, Boomtown Fair features an array of genres such as Limp Bizkit, Jimmy Cliff, Gorillaz, Soul 2 Soul, The Skatalites among many other notable names, EarthKry will be performing on 2 nights, including the main stage.

“I want to say that we are a little tired, but we can’t complain, this is a labor of love, we are living our dream of carrying the roots, leaving our legacy music with a positive, uplifting , conscious and real message” – EarthKry

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