Jasmine Dean’s Father Not Giving Up Search After A Year

Sunday, February 28, 2021, 5:57 PM GMT-5

One entire year has passed and Jasmine Dean who went missing in February of last year 2020, has not been found.

Even though there have not been any signs of the 23-year-old, her father Lloyd Dean is still not giving up on the quest to find his daughter.

In talking with the Jamaica Observer, the distressed father stated he is remaining optimistic about her return, and will not give up on his search for her.

Lloyd stated that once there is no evidence of a body he is continuing the search, and it is something he does every day further, stating that the longer it takes to find his daughter is the worse it gets for him.

Jasmine Dean’s Father

Dean stated that Jasmine was like a best friend to him and would always be checking up on him to ensure that he is alright.

Lloyd said that up to this day Jasmine’s clothes are still stacked up and he will not throw them away knowing there is a possibility his daughter might return. In the meantime, he said his younger daughters sometimes wear her clothes.

Dean is currently the father of 4 children, with 3 being at home and Jasmine missing. According to the distressed dad, the mother of the children died 13 years ago and so he now has to be dealing with the current situation alone.

About the missing 23-year-old, two men were held and charged not for murder but 7 counts of illegal access to computer data, simple larceny and one charge according to the dangerous drug act.

They were charged after being found with Jasmine’s identification information, as well as other items.

Murder charges have not been laid due to the body not being found, and Lloyd was told that it could take over a year before any further charges are laid against the men due to the ongoing investigations that are taking place.

The guilty men were identified as Tamar Henry and Gregor Wright, both men from the Bull Bay area.

Lloyd Dean is not satisfied with the way the government is treating the matter however, as he stated that it was something that happened to a “big family”, the case would have been dealt with differently.

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