JLP Supporter Explains How She Lost Her Leg in Nomination Day Freak Accident – Watch Interview

After the freak accident on Nomination Day, St. Thomas native Ann-Marie Bruce is left in a wheelchair with one foot. Bruce, a resident of Mount George, Yallahs, lost one of her legs while participating in a motorcade supporting the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) on February 8.

According to initial reports, the driver of the truck she was aboard attempted to evade a collision, striking an embankment. Bruce’s foot was subsequently severed by a stone from the embankment.

She was rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital and has since been discharged.

On February 16, an interview was released with Bruce providing additional information on the gruesome incident. Bruce shed tears during her interview when she reflected on the fact that she did not die.

Speaking to a reporter from TVJ News, Bruce dismissed the initial report and clarified that her foot was not hanging off the truck. “Some wiss was on the side of the wall there, when the truck rub beside it there, it come down wid di stone, and everything come down like landslide… di stone chop mi foot pan di truck,” she said.

She added that she became aware of the severed foot when she moved her other foot. She said that she declared her injury to the others around and watched as blood gushed out.

Following the incident, Bruce received criticism, and she took a moment in the interview to address the critics. “Mi wah unuh stop seh mi too old fi go an motorcade. Older than me deh pan motorcade, unuh leave that alone. Mi a live mi life and mi thank God, God spare mi life.”

Expressing gratitude to those who assisted her, Bruce said, “Di man weh carry mi up deh, big him up. All a dem big dem up, especially di one weh tie mi foot. Respect to him, and mi wah fi meet him…cah a him mek mi live yah today and a him spare mi life. Him and God.”

Additionally, Bruce is confident that Prime Minister Andrew Holness and member of parliament for St. Thomas Western, James Robertson, will assist her with a prosthetic leg when the time is right, so she is not worried.

Watch the interview with Ann-Marie Bruce below:

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