JPS Being Bashed For Cutting Out Regular Customer Service

Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 8:22 PM GMT-5

At a recent meeting held by the Municipal council of Manchester and JPS, the recent move by JPS to have a centralized database to deal with streetlights were discussed.

According to the Council chairman Donovan Mitchell, JPS is using the new program to rob the people by removing their rights to contact the company through regular customer service which the chairman stated was already a problem.

In the meeting Mr Mitchell urged for the OUR to step in because JPS, is using the new move as a money-making process.

Operations Manager of JPS in the parish Quinn Shortrage defended the power company, making it known that the move is not one to create a drawback but to, however, help things to be more efficient.

So far JPS has closed out most of their offices islandwide and has taken their service online, which is not being welcomed by the municipal council of several parishes who are urgently calling the OUR to step in.

Learn more from the news report below.

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