JPS Predicts Rise In Electricity Bills For Holiday

Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 9:52 PM GMT-5

The Jamaica Public Service Company is issuing a warning to their consumers for the holiday season, especially in the coming weeks as they have purported that the increase in the price of fuel is gearing up to cause an upsurge in electricity bills.

According to the Power and energy company, the impact of global uncertainties has been the main cause for the price of oil and natural gas to hike which when considering that the Jamaican dollar has devalued, does not make things look good for the future price of electricity.

The article that brought the information concerning the prospective rise in electricity bills was published on JPS’s website where they also spoke to the fact that the price hike could also extend through several of the winter months.

As such the company says they are urging customers to practice proper energy management and to download the mobile app if they can, so that they can carry out monthly, weekly, daily or hourly checks on their energy usage.

More information concerning tips surrounding consumption can also be accessed at

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