Justin Bieber Calls Off World Tour Due To Health Problems

Tuesday, September 6, 2022, 5:06 PM GMT-5

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has decided to call off his world tour, expressing the need to put his health first. Bieber’s Justice World Tour has been a blast since March, with 70 shows remaining, which will run until March 2023. However, the remaining gigs have been suspended due to health difficulties, which TMZ reported were physical and mental.

Following Bieber’s recent performance in Brazil, the announcement of the suspended shows was published, saying he was overcome with exhaustion after he left the stage. After noting that he gave the ‘Rock in Rio’ event everything he had, he said, “After getting off the stage, the exhaustion overtook me and I realised that I need to make my health the priority right now.” He added that, for the time being, he would be taking “a break from touring” because he needed time to “rest and get better.” Nevertheless, he assured his fans that he would be alright.


Earlier in the year, Bieber revealed that he was diagnosed with a case of Ramsay-Hun syndrome that left half of his face paralyzed. As a result of battling this illness, he had to postpone shows, which made him unable to complete the North American leg of the Justice World Tour. According to the statement, when he recovered, he flew to Europe to continue the tour, but the six shows he performed “took a real toll” on him.

While his temporary paralysis is one reason why the “Peaches” singer is pulling the plug on the tour, TMZ reported that the main reason is his mental health. TMZ reported that a source revealed that Justin Bieber has been struggling for the past few years, which has taken a toll on him. TMZ also shared that while there was a chance that Bieber might resume the Justice World Tour if he gets better, for the time being, the tour currently was cancelled.

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