Kaci Fennel, Former Miss Jamaica Universe Robbed By 2 Men In St Andrew

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 6:19 PM GMT-5

Robbers on a motorcycle snatched Kaci Fennell’s bag the moment she was about to enter General Food Supermarket in St Andrew on Wednesday.

The former Miss Jamaica Universe shared the ordeal of being robbed on Twitter where she woefully vented that her shoulder was yanked out by the robber when she was heading to buy dinner.

In her first frustrating tweet, Fennell explained that two men on a bike were approaching while she was “about to enter through the doors” of the General Foods establishment on Hope Road.

The backpack she was carrying was grabbed by one of the men and, despite her efforts to retrieve her bag, the thieves escaped with it.

“I tried so hard to get it back,” she said.

After tweeting that there is no place safe in Jamaica, Fennell added in another tweet that the robbers even attempted to purchase fashion nova clothes with her cards, but she had already blocked all of her cards.

“Already blocked all my cards, gets an alert that they trying to buy clothes at fashion nova ….. no man I have to laugh because if it’s not laughter it’s tears.” She continued.

Fennell, who is Miss Jamaica Universe 2014, further cautioned everyone to be on high alert because the thieves are still at large, and the police informed her that they had robbed another individual at the post office mall today.

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