Kanye West Grabs Phone From Woman Who Asks Him About Controlling His Wife After Reports That He Banned His Wife From Social Media – Watch Video

January 29, 2024

As his peculiar relationship with architectural designer Bianca Censori continues to attract criticism online, rapper Kanye West has been accused of banning his wife from using social media.

After finalising his divorce from his first wife, Kim Kardashian, the controversial artiste reportedly tied the knot with Censori in a secret ceremony in December 2022. Following their nuptials, West has been accused of controlling his new wife, with reports alleging that her friends and family staged an intervention to help her.


According to reports from the Daily Mail, insiders have now alleged that West has banned Censori from using social media. The insiders reportedly expressed that West has manipulated Censori to believe that it is for her protection.

However, they believe that it is another method of control being utilised by the Flashing Lights artiste. According to the insider, West has convinced Censori that it is a must that she remains a mystery, as she is now a star.

In regards to her celebrity status, Censori has indeed been capturing headlines with her and West’s distinctive fashion choices. The rapper has consistently raised eyebrows with his social media posts of his wife, which usually see Censori rocking extremely revealing clothing.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori

In addition to accusing West of shutting her off from the rest of the world to keep her isolated, the insider further accused West of “pushing her nakedness” on his social media. They criticised West for choosing to sexualize her on his social media pages while claiming he was trying to protect her by banning her from using social media herself.

Censori is said to have been very active online before her marriage. The insider said West does not want her to be online because he is afraid of how the negative things people have said will affect her.

They further expressed that West has her under complete control.


“She is wearing what he wants, going where he wants and doing what he wants because she really has no other choice. She went from being his designer to his wife, which is unfortunately, not a paid position. She’s trapped,” the insider reportedly stated.

Kanye West grabs phone from reporter who asked him about controlling his wife.



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