Kanye West Presidential Woes

The latest state where Kanye West failed to meet the deadline was Nebraska as he prepares to run as an independent candidate for president, the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office spokesperson revealed.

NE has 5 electoral votes and he didn’t get the 2,500 signatures but he didn’t file anything due to the ups and downs that Kanye’s campaign went through. However, he managed to file to run as an independent candidate for President in Vermont and West Virginia. Unfortunately, he missed the deadlines in Maryland and New York.

The uphill battle that Kanye West is fighting to become President is becoming steeper every day, but it was said that he is ahead of Joe Biden in one way because Michelle Tidball was officially listed as his running mate.

Kanye 2020 had an unstable Monday because of his messy campaign and his missed deadline.

The rapper worked with a company called “Let the Voters Decide” in order to amass the signatures that was needed for the ballots in the swing state Ohio and other places.

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Recent times have seen the “Jesus Walks” rapper denouncing his allegiance with Donald Trump due to things the rapper claims the president has done that he does not like so on July 4th with the support of well-known businessman Elon Musk Kanye West declared he was going to run for president.

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