Kanye West’s New Album “Jesus is King”

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 8:23 AM GMT-5

Kanye West continues to travel around the US with his Sunday Service choir and hold many listening sessions “Jesus is King: Kanye West Experience. Fans are now understanding what they are getting from West’s ninth studio album.

The album might be released on October 25, he made the announcement at the listening session at George Washington University. His accompanying movie “Imax” is scheduled to be released on that same day as well.

Kanye has been making changes to the album and he has postponed the release date many times. West told the crowd at the George Washington University that he recently got saved.

He recorded new material for the album with Pusha-T, in recent weeks. He pointed out that there will be no cursing in his music now. His pastor even pointed out that Kanye doesn’t even like it, when persons curse when he is nearby.

“New Body” one of the songs on the album was leaked on the internet, has been played at many listening sessions and a verse that was done by Nicki Minaj is now missing. It has been rumoured that it is possible that there was cursing in her verse and he is trying to get her to record her verse again, but this is not confirmed.

Some lyrics in some of his songs are inspired by his favourite Bible verses, the most significant one is “Mark 1:15″ as verse which was recorded as the first time Jesus was speaking in the Bible. He read it in front of his audience recently. In the King James Version, the verse reads: “And saying, the time is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye and believe the Gospel.”

He also explained that each song on the album is informed by different Bible verses and he likes the King James Bible the most, because it has the word “ye’ in it several times.

Kanye explained that various Bible verses informed each of the songs on the album. He also said that the King James Version of the Bible is his favourite because “it has the word ‘ye’ in it many times.

The album does not sound like a traditional Gospel album, it sounds like a Kanye West album, with touches of choirs and organ music.

There is more singing from Kanye on “Jesus is King” than what his fans are used to. The big difference with this album is the lyrical content.

He also addressed skepticism from the Christian community in one of the songs. The album is an expression of the Gospel even though it doesn’t sound like others.

He has said the “Sunday Service “concerts have brought him closer to God. There are some songs on the album that are catchy and they could become hit songs.

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