Kartel Upset with Spice over a Post on Instagram

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 2:40 PM GMT-5

Spice has been growing her career over the years and she has done collaborations with Vybz Kartel before that has done well, and her recent hit song “Black Hypocrisy” caused her to get a lot of attention recently.

Last week it is alleged that Kartel was upset with Spice because she posted a video with a Gay dancer Krissy, dancing to a song called “Kool It”.


Kartel thinks that Spice is selling out the Jamaican Culture. “Mi na sell out mi culture fi no likes, memba how wi culture set up.” He also referred to his song “Every Man Grab a Gyal” which was a smash hit romping shop, that he did with Spice in 2009, he wrote about this in the comment section on Instagram.

Foota Hype agrees with Kartel and said the video was very disrespectful to our culture and he also said there are limits.

Fans are beginning to wonder if this is just another publicity stunt the artistes are using to sell more music, as Spice had pulled off a stunt when she removed her photos from her Instagram page before she tricked the public by uploading a photo of herself looking almost white.

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