Kaseeno Attacks Foota Hype And CMR “Both A Dem A Batty Man”

Dancehall artiste Kaseeno furiously ranted on his Instagram Live about selector, Foota Hype, and vlogger, CMR, both of whom have publicly expressed their views on his leaked oral sex video since it has been circulating the media.

On the Live, Kaseeno who appeared beyond frustrated with both men positioned his anger at Foota Hype first.

He started by blurting out some very private details of the selector’s previous relationship with baby mother and Dancehall artiste Ishawna. Ishawna is famous for her highly seductive and sensual songs and is widely known for her single “Pepsi”, which glorifies oral sex in a relationship.

“Ishawna fi come talk what’s your favourite dish Foota Hype. Big mouth Foota Hype weh Ishawna stretch out yuh mouth wid har thick ass. Yuh hickey Ishawna all ina har asshole, batty boy Foota Hype,” stated Kaseeno.

The entertainer also insinuated that there is a video with Foota Hype doing the “nasty”, but it has not been made public due to the person having a good character.

“People have video wid unu enuh, a just chu ppl no stay like unu” were the words from Kaseeno’s mouth.

Foota’s career as a selector in the music industry was also attacked, as Kaseeno mentioned that the selector has a dying career, one that does not afford him the luxury of living in a home, whereas, having to live in his BMW.

Meanwhile, further on in the video, he geared his anger toward CMR, accusing him of being a “batty man”. His reason for this as stated by the entertainer is because of the vlogger’s physical appearance and the way his voice sounds when speaking.

“CMR yuh sound like batty man and yuh look like batty man, everything bout yuh batty CMR” He further added that “CMR yuh sound like a fish, yuh voice no sound masculine CMR”.

Kaseeno apologized to his fans on the Live and asserted that he is quite intelligent, however, he had to address those two men in particular who are calling up his name.

Watch the recorded Live from vlogger Ryzze Tv ent below:


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