Kaylan Dowdie gives her Life to God, Needs Blood

Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 12:30 PM GMT-5

After spending quite a while in the Hospital, Kaylan Dowdie is reported to be doing much better than before to the extent to which she was able to give her life to God recently.

According to her mother who did a live stream recently to give supporters an update on her daughter, Kaylan’s motor skills have been improving on her leftside of the body and she recently moved her right leg.

This is the very miraculous thing for the 17-year-old knowing the extent to which she was badly damaged.

Kaylan has also been reported by her mother Veneisha to be speaking, for which she did on her own when accepting Christ as her Lord and saviour while in her hospital bed.

Even though the teenager is recovering, there is still a concern that stands as it was reported to Veneisha that the blood banks are empty and her daughter will need donors so at this time she is pleading to anyone with a willing heart to go to the University of the West Indies where they will be able to do the service for Dowdie.

Otherwise, Kaylan has been reported by her mother to be doing better mentally than before even though she has short term memory.

Watch more in the video below.

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