Kaylan Dowdie Update: Plays ‘Catch’ with her Mother

Friday, May 7, 2021, 7:10 PM GMT-5

It has been over 6 months since Kaylan Dowdie has been admitted to the hospital under intensive care and even though she is getting better by the day, there are still some major issues that she has to be dealing with.

According to her mother, Veneshia Buckley, she is thanking God for the progress her daughter has made, however, she stated on a recent live that there has been a lot of ups and downs where the situation is concerned as she has to be frequently visiting the pharmacy because her daughter is constantly on antibiotics.

The mother of the teenager, explained however that Kaylan is currently stable, having regained her ability to eat, talk and move her limbs even though she is going through a lot of pain.

The main issues according to Veneshia is her daughter’s breathing and her heartbeat which was badly affected due to the extent of the C2 spinal injury she received.

Otherwise, she expressed that Kaylan is doing much better than was expected of her, and even the nurses are proud of how far she has come.

In a turn of new events, the mother of the teenager states that her child is now able to play catch something she enjoys doing with her.

She also commented on the joyful state that Kaylan is in most of the time, stating that she is always cracking jokes regardless of the pain she suffers.

At this time Veneshia states that Kaylan, will need soon to leave the Intensive Care Unit and taken to a hospital however, they have been having issues with the transfer something she is faithfully praying will come through.

Otherwise from a transfer from the ICU, Buckley mentioned in her live that Kaylan will be needing to also do several therapies to get her respiration, physiology and nerves back online fully.

Check out her latest live stream below.

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