Kaylan Dowdie Wants Accused Women Charged For Murder

Sunday, December 19, 2021, 12:39 PM GMT-5

The mother of the battered teen Kaylan Dowdie has given a brand new update on the condition of her daughter and one of the last things she said she heard from the teenager, was that all the women involved in her beating should have been given murder charges.

This according to what Veneshia Buckley said Kaylan told her should have happened because they technically killed her and did so 9 times.  The teen was hospitalized in 2020 after she was beaten at a party by 5 women, leaving her with a C2 spinal injury that has left her in the intensive care unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies.

The last hospital visit according to Buckley saw Kaylan in good spirits, however, she will need to do a test, which will diagnose her heart pressure to try and normalize it as she has already gotten 9 cardiac arrests.

The mother of the battered teen says she is not giving up though, even when Kaylan has not yet been transferred to the United States hospital. Previously Veneshia spoke to the fact that the fee that the overseas hospital requested is an amount of $425,000USD which Buckley says she cannot find at this time.

Otherwise, the mother of the teen has stated that Kaylan is still having sepsis which the doctors have also been working on but regardless of what she is going through, Veneshia says her daughter continues to have an infectious smile.

Kaylan Dowdie is a past student of Papine High School and had dreams of attending The Edna Manley College of Visual and performing arts, as well as starting her own business before being held back by the devastating altercation that placed her in the current compromising situation she faces.

Watch the full live chat below.

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