Kaylan Dowdie’s Mother Receives Death Threats

Kaylan Dowdie’s mother, Veneisha Buckley recently did a live video revealing some serious threats, that had been sent to her as well as some important updates on her daughter’s condition.

According to the mother of the teenager, she received deal offers in the early stages of her daughter being hospitalized, requesting for her to drop the case, and get everything taken care of for Kaylan and the family.


Veneisha stated that she did not pay attention to the request, and now she is receiving threats of persons wanting to get rid of her because of a refusal to comply to the requests that were made for her to drop the case.

The mother of the 17-year-old stated, however, that she is not taking any threat lightly.

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On the matter of Kaylan’s health, she says, her daughter will need a pacemaker because her heart rate is being affected when she moves about, especially when it comes to the nurses bathing her.

She stated that her daughter’s heart rate has flatlined, over 5 times already and will need the pacemaker to help her sustain her life.

Veneisha explained that the Pacemaker for Kaylan as advised by the doctors will cost approximately USD 5000. She also stated that Dowdie will eventually need an at-home ventilator system soon, which is even more expensive than the Pacemaker.

A go fund me has been set up for the impacted teenager by Angela May Kelly, so if there is anyone who would like to contribute to the purchasing of the Pacemaker, and the at-home ventilator, they can contact Veneisha who will direct them to the proper funding channels.

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RELATED: Kaylan’s MRI Shows She Has An Injured Spine

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