Kaylan’s MRI Shows She Has An Injured Spine

November 30, 2020 11:50 AM

Veneisha Buckley, the mother of Kaylan Dowdie, is pleading to her daughter’s supporters not to listen to fake reports on her daughter’s injury.

She stated in a video, that she is seriously considering to take a break from doing the live videos, as people are taking the information she is giving and twisting it.


She said even though it might seem that she is strong, it’s really hard for her when she sees her daughter in the conditions that she is facing.

Buckley stated that she would rather not stop doing videos as there are people who are supporting her daughter who would like to know what is happening, so she is asking for people not to spread false information and hope.

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Kaylan mother

She states that if anything should be said, let it be honest.

Buckley mentioned on the live that an MRI was done for Kaylan, and the doctors recognized, that the teenager received a spinal injury. They are currently waiting on the final reports.

In the meantime, the mother of the child is stating that Kaylan is not walking, not moving her legs and prayers will now need to be directed to her spine, for which she will be going in fasting to do this week.


She said she has received calls from many people, who have been through similar situations and pulled through, walking again.

Buckley finished by stating that, God is able and the situation has brought her closer to him. She said she prays every day and asks Kaylan to pray as well in her mind because she can hear.

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