Kaylan Dowdie’s Road To Recovery – See Photos

Kaylan Dowdie, the teen who won the hearts of many after encountering a near-death experience in 2020 and was given a 1% chance of living by doctors has defeated the odds and is now on an active road to recovery.

At first glance of Kaylan’s life, she was a happy teenager, doing what others her age would normally do. However, that all changed in one night when she received a brutal beating from five women while at a party in the parish of St. Andrew.

Through it all, her mother, Veneshia Buckley has been her biggest champion, supporting her throughout and have kept social media updated by posting regular pictures and videos detailing the recovery process.

Of recent, Kaylan posted on her official Instagram page @kaylan__d, a photo of her sitting in a chair with someone who appears to be a medical professional standing close by. The comments on the post have been well received by the public who have been cheering her on, while others made mention of her possible weight gain.

More so, from being discharged from the hospital in April 2022 to now being in the comforts of her home, she has been gradually getting back to a life of normalcy. This can be seen when she celebrated her 19th birthday in fine style after a birthday bash was thrown in her honour, as well as been visiting different beaches and other venues.

Nonetheless, with Kaylan’s vigour and strength, it is anticipated that she will be able to walk again.

See some photos of Kaylan’s recovery below:

Most recent photo of Kaylan sitting in a chair
Kaylan 19th birthday celebration
Kaylan at the beach

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