Kaylan’s Mother Says UWI Hospital Wants Her to Pay-off Millions in Expenses – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 11:37 AM

The challenges a mother faces when caring for a sick child come with many overwhelming burdens. Similarly, Veneshia Buckley continues to struggle with the aftermath of her daughter’s condition. One of the challenges Buckley, mother of Kaylan Dowdie, says she is now facing is an exceedingly high debt that is yet to be settled.

Buckley has kept the public informed about her daughter’s journey to recovery and reached out for assistance while sharing her plight. The longstanding predicament that the mother has been battling with is financial restraints that resulted in her being unable to let Kaylan undergo the required surgery overseas, and now a $40 million bill at the University Hospital of the West Indies.


In a surfaced video, the distraught mother voiced her rage and concerns regarding the debt. She expressed that ever since the nightmare in 2020 when Kaylan was beaten into a coma by a group of women, she has been the only one struggling to help her daughter overcome the effects of said ordeal.

Speaking on the debt, she said that she was embarrassed by the bill she was requested to pay and argued that the bill was accumulated as a result of Kaylan being attacked and not from an illness. However, she is the only one facing medical expenses as the court case with the five women accused of physically assaulting Kaylan is ongoing.

 “Mi gaw UWI and di embarrassment weh mi get when people ago ask mi 40 add million dollar, weh mi nuh incure… A nuh sick she to tek sick… She neva sick, ntn nuh do har. And unuh let dem go and den a pressure me, di only person weh a try.” She said.

Buckley went on to say that she was exhausted and that her cup was full. She noted that both she and her daughter have faced criticism from some members of the public, making her irate.

Later in the video, she expressed gratitude to the small number of people who donated to aid with Kaylan’s medical expenses, including philanthropist Donna Gowe, who donated $300,000.

Watch the video of Veneshia Buckley below:

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