Khago Aims To Sue Seanizzle, Notnice, Dj Sunshine, GT Taylor and Dj Frass

Veteran Reggae Dancehall artiste Khago is about to file some more lawsuits, after taking the victory in the recent countersuit filed against Kemar “Flava” Mcgregor of Streaminn Hub inc.

According to the Manchester native, producers such as Seanizzle, Notnice, Jordan McClure, Dj Sunshine, GT Taylor and Dj Frass are about to be taken before the court for money owed. Khago said he was just waiting to finish with the first proceeding, before advancing towards the other producers for compensation.

The singjay spoke about all this in an appearance he made on Entertainment Report with Anthony Miller, where he outlined that for all of his hit songs out there he has not made any money from them, while the producers are earning crazily behind his back.

Khago voiced songs like “I’m so blessed” and “Nah sell out” for Seanizzle, “Is this love” and “Badmind a go kill dem” for Notnice, “Yute haffi have tings” for Dj Frass, and many other hits for local producers that he has declared not to be earning from.

The entertainer also to this day believes that “Nah sell out” is the biggest song for the decade, however, the case in hand with the producers of hit songs like the one mentioned according to Khago is that the producer often feels they own the song.

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Since the now veteran Jamaican artiste has upped his game where things like intellectual property laws and copyright are concerned, he mentioned that things like No signed contract, split sheets, terms, percentages and release conditions are some of the factors that he will take the local producers to court on.

He also admitted that the lacking of a contract was what got “Flava”, into trouble as well because he could not present one before the Judge. For that situation, Khago said he just took it to God because what he was defending is his own birthright and he does not even see the case as a victory as he cannot win something he already owns.

In response to a comment made by Anthony Miller on Kemar Mcgregor’s case on the artiste’s responsibility where the songs were concerned, the singjay said that the situation could have been avoided by not putting out the song or just being fair, and not taking everything for himself.

Khago even mentioned that at one point he began to see other artistes being featured on his song, with 25 per cent shares. On that note, the entertainer said that the industry needs to be fixed and that Jamaica is not the industry but the world is and that is who singers work for. Khago stated to Entertainment report that if a producer puts out his vocals without permission, the charges would amount to 150,000 dollars.

In his talk with Anthony, he urged youths to take what he did as an example to set things right as singers and songwriters.

When Seanizzle was contacted about the situation he reportedly kept his mouth shut however, Khago does not look like he will be easing up on him since he said the producer already made millions off his songs, from selling it while he only made what was available from radio play.

The singjay’s past producer “Flava” was ordered by a court to compensate him over 800,000 in copyright and other infringements.

Khago is now deeply into farming, check him out below.

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