Khago talks about his Empty Bank account and Riding Bicycle from January – Video

Reggae dancehall artiste Khago who now resides in the US, went live to explain his trials and miss fortunes to his fans.

The artiste who spent most of his earns in the courts states “Mi deh pan mi face”, “Can’t find $1 to buy mi son a sweety” He explains a story whereby he went to a store and his son picked up a sweet snack but when he tried to buy the goods his card declined hence he had to put back the candy, however, fortunately, a white man was there and saw what happened, took the candy off the shelf and bought it for his son.


“Big artiste a ride Bicycle from January” the number one singer explains that he has been riding for one year with his son even though he would rather be driving a car but he simply can’t afford it after the last one he had with his wife crashed.

Khago also recalls buying lotto every week at home to get some money to solve his problems, even though he did not win the lotto things are finally starting to turn in his favour. Khago now has a car and new music is on the way, he is now optimistic about the future and blasts all the artistes and disc jocks who sabotage his career over the years.

Watch the video below.

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