Khago and Wife Francine Clash Online Over Furniture Plus Give Details About Their Fight, “Me Beat Up Her Pu**yhole” – Watch Video

November 28, 2023 4:37 AM

Dancehall artiste Khago took to social media to reveal how his wife sent strangers to remove her bed and pieces of furniture from his house as their once seemingly strong relationship worsened. He also talked about why he beat her.

According to Khago, Francine’s latest action is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.


The entertainer said Francine sending strangers to his house to remove the items instead of one of her family members was the height of disrespect, and there was no point of return for a relationship between the two due to her vindictiveness. He then went on to state that despite their countless disputes, he still offered a helping hand to his wife in her time of need.

Khago also revealed that he beat up Francine a while back because she put her hands on him. “Everybody know seh Francine put her hand on me and me beat up her pu**yhole from long time and she left,” Khago declared.

In response to Khago’s claims, Francine hit back in a video as she dismissed Khago’s claims. According to Francine, she gave up her six-figure nursing job in America to travel to Jamaica to assist with Khago’s musical career after his long hiatus from the reggae and dancehall scene.

Francine continued by outlining how she invested in the singer’s career financially and emotionally over the years, which includes paying for Khago’s legal fees in an effort to secure the rights to his music.

Francine also dismissed Khago’s account of how the fight started, which led to Khago hitting her with a dumbbell and ‘buss’ open her forehead. Francine went on to show the scar from the incident. She said Khago wanted to beat his son over walking on an unsafe step, and she intervened to stop him.

“Me seh to him how easy is that fi you tell the baby seh you wi drop off and buss yuh head, him push Zarro towards me and seh gwaan wid you likkle Jezebell muma, and me seh Jezebel if me a Jezebel fi you muma a Jezebell a so the fight start,” Francine explained.


See the video below:

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