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Toya Thompson

Tayvin HD

Owen Rowen Rowe

Most a them jamaican disc jocks a some Demon them plan up and shut down artiste career, Natural Black, Fantan Mojah, Munga Honourable, Alpha Rowen, Shane O, Ruffiann, Tessann Chin, Khago, them try it wid Bob Marley, Shawn Paul, Shaggy them gwaan like them rate u when u make it without them fi get interview on them show and start produce and play them one another project and some IDIOTS who no know nutn about music come a chat up them stinking mouth

Sandra Richards

So Khago u didn’t sign up for publishing that’s what I want to know

Mickey Webb

Mr. Lunatic

Roshaun August

Just people quick fi bring down dem owned so fuck up smh.