Khago Father’s Day Madness “I Care Zero”

June 19, 2022

Dancehall artiste Khago takes the time out to express his bitterness over how Father’s Day and parenthood are treated in Jamaica, he also vents about how Mothers have too much say when it comes to family and the lives of their children. The “Nah Sell Out” and “Tun Up Di Ting” hit artiste opened the live by stating that “mi have baby mother weh tell me say mi wi neva come out to nothing”, continuing to broadcast that, “mi nuh shame fi talk mi nah take care a nun a mi r*** pickney dem, not pan nuh gal watch”.  

Khago’s views on parenthood and mothers seem to be heavily steeped in a serious bone of contention. Based on how he tells other men to make all of their decisions themselves instead of letting women tell them what to do, this coincides with the treatment he affords his mother. Back in 2017, fans of the performer were left stunned when he accused his mother of trying to hurt him by working obeah. At the time, his mother had stated that she thinks it would have been better if he had shot her instead of saying such malicious things about her.  


The entertainer goes on to comment “come outta fowl fight” because he does not want anyone without children wishing him a Happy Father’s Day, as he cannot say ‘same to you’ which is his go-to reply to words of congratulations. Despite the bad blood between him and his wife Francine Gayle after the charges of assault were dropped, Khago explained that she had reached out to say that he could spend the day with the child who made him able to celebrate today as a father.  

In the entertainer’s own words, any woman that leaves him or any baby mother of his has to look into themselves and say “one thing with that man him consistent” and “mi annuh nobody good//mi consistent with being a john crow”. 

Khago boastfully stated that he is not taking care of any of his six children, he pointed out that his son Zaro gets the most from him.

Watch the rest of what he had to say in the video below.

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