Khago Lashes Out at Kartel’s ‘Toxic’ Fans, Says They Threatening Him Because of his Impartial Remarks – Watch Video

Dancehall deejay Ricardo Gayle who is professionally known as Khago vented in frustration via a live-chat after Vybz Kartel’s fans attacked him online after expressing his views on the appeal verdict.

Earlier Khago suggested that Vybz Kartel and his co-accused should be free, however, he bashed the fans for making a bad situation worse for Kartel with their comments online.

It would appear that the Gaza fans went too far in disrespecting Khago who seemingly changed his stance in his latest live-chat “you think mi idolize bwoy my youth,” declared Khago before he sympathized with Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams’ mother, highlighting that ‘lizard’ if he is in fact dead, it’s a sad situation and those behind the crime should pay.

He went on to outline that if it was himself or his family that was hurt by Kartel, he would want Kartel to stay in prison. “Since unuh wah mi seh the god almighty thing… If Kartel kill bloodclxxt Lizard him fi suffer a prison,” he went on to declare that Kartel would not want anyone to hurt his sons.

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He also retired that if the system did Kartel wrong they should “let him out”.

Khago went on to disclose that “Kartel mind bad” because he voiced a song in the past with Barrington Levy and Katrtel was also on the track, however, according to Khago, Kartel “badmind” him and requested that Khago be removed from the track, khago said the song infact removed from the radio because of Kartel’s request.

The upset outspoken artiste, while lashing out at Gaza fans outlined “if him kill bloodclxxt Lizard him fi dead a prison… if him kill lizard him fi rotten a jail.”

According to Khago he is lashing out because Gaza fans are unrealistic and he can’t be intimidated by their death treats, “all mi come pan the internet and set… if iunuh understand weh happen unuh calm down unuh self… a unuh bloodcxxt crucify Kartel my youth.”

According to Khago, if they(Gaza fans) are not so vocal online, maybe the DPP and government etc will think twice about trying to sink him.

Khago also expressed that he’s against “friend killer”, being the one who sang ‘Nah sell out’, Khago details that he’s qualified to speak on the matter. If Vybz Kartel killed his friend, he can’t be trusted because it’s the same as killing his son, “Kartel ungrateful nuh bloodclxxt… Kartel a bloodclxxt judas,” he says before reminding the viewer of Kartel’s disrespect to Bounty Killer after he gave him the big break.

With everything thing said, Khago reiterates that the Justice system ‘mess-up’ and in that regard, Kartel should be freed.

Amidst the backlash, Khago declared that he’s a “Gully” and “Vendetta” fan. Watch the viral live-stream below:

One fan reacted to Khago stating, “Real talk khago,” another commented, “Well Khago as spoken and it could not be much more clear. Now everyone please take several seats!”

More of the reactions below:

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