Kids Punch Mother to Revive Her From Seizure Attack – Watch

Sunday, April 2, 2023, 9:26 AM

Two children sprang into action when their mother suddenly suffered a seizure in the middle of the kitchen. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera, which someone was apparently using to watch them.

The video shows the two kids, a boy and a girl, sitting at the table when the girl notices her mother frozen behind them. She quickly moved to support her mother from behind to prevent her from falling. Next, a male voice alerted the boy, who was still seated and unaware of the situation.


The boy got up and sprung into action. He went over to assist, to many’s surprises, he lands several punches in his mother’s stomach in an attempt to revive her from the seizure, but it proves ineffective, and she begins to fall to the ground.

After guiding her to the floor, his sister jumps in and uses both hands to deliver a powerful punch to the stomach, this proved to be effective and the woman started moving upright on her own after gasping. The woman later regains complete consciousness after her daughter also sprays her with what appears to be water.

Watch the footage of the incident below:

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