Sperm Donor Of Approximately 550 Kids Being Sued For Potentially Increasing Accidental Incest

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 1:38 PM GMT-5

In a controversial post on Twitter, a man by the name of Jonathan Jacob Meijer is facing legal action because he has fathered roughly 550 children around the world and for intentionally increasing the risk of accidental incest.

Meijer is a 41-year-old Dutch musician who is currently living in Kenya. Being prolific in his donations, he has reportedly provided sperm to roughly 13 clinics, with 11 of these medical institutions being located in the Netherlands and the others in Denmark and Ukraine. The Netherlands had also blacklisted Meijer in 2017 after they found out that he had already fathered 102 children.


Conversely, Dutch regulations state that sperm donors should not father more than 25 children or get more than 12 women pregnant. This is done to avoid instances of unintentional reproduction among siblings as well as psychological issues in children who can become upset after discovering they have a large number of siblings.

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The civil lawsuit was reportedly ignited by a Dutch woman who was a recipient of one of Meijer’s donations. The Dutch DonorKind Foundation is also accusing Meijer of not being truthful about the number of children he has fathered. Meijer has reportedly continued to find willing families through the internet to facilitate his illicit sperm donations.

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