Killer Whale Asks Humans for Help to Rescue Mother Whale; She Says Thank You With A Gift – Watch Video

A video of a killer whale stopping a yacht full of people in order to ask for help because of a mother killer whale in distress is making waves on the internet. 

Footage was captured of a killer whale swimming up to a yacht to get the occupants’ attention by swimming around the boat repeatedly. Realizing that something was wrong, rescuers were called. After they arrived the whales led them to where they were needed.

After navigating to an area just past a cave where the mother whale was caught in a fishing net, the rescuers freed her by cutting her fin free with a pair of scissors. The mother whale swam away, only to return later with a manta ray as tribute. 

Watch the video below:

The video was posted on World Star and the comment section of the post was divided on if the video was true or not. Someone stated, “ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE MAN. SO LUCKY TYPE STIRY YOU TELL YOUR GRANDCHILDREN,” and another pointed out, “Cap. Just stitched a bunch of videos together to make up this bullish.”

Read more comments below:

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