Kingsley Ben-Adir Chosen To Play Role Of Bob Marley In Upcoming Biopic

After searching for over a year, well-known movie director Reinaldo Marcus Green has finally found a suitable person to fit the role of Bob Marley in the singer’s upcoming Paramount biopic. 

The actor that was chosen is Kingsley Ben-Adir and this information was released by Deadline Hollywood. While Oscar-nominated Green is getting ready to make waves again as a director, Rita, Cedella and Ziggy Marley have been named as the producers, with Frank E. Flowers as the scriptwriter for the upcoming film.

Ben-Adir is 35 years old, turning 36 by February 28, the same age as Bob when he passed away on May 11 1981 and while the Englishman is just an actor, he shares a similar parental background as the Reggae icon since he has a black Trinidadian mother and white Englishman as his father, which makes him the right pick for the part.

The British actor got his breakout role in the Netflix drama series “The OA”, and has also played Malcolm X in the Regina King movie ” One Night In Miami”. Ben-Adir is also well known for playing the role of President Barack Obama in the Showtime film “The Comedy Rule”.


Based on what was said previously by Green in a interview, the film will be based on the timeframe between 1976 and the death of the icon in 1981, showing events from the attempted assassination on his life at 56 Hope Road in December of 1976, to his exile in England where he recorded the Exodus album. 

As a part of the assassination attempt on his life, Bob Marley was grazed in his chest and shot in his hand while his manager Don Taylor and Rita Marley were also hurt in the attack.

Immediately after the attempt on his life, Bob Marley exiled himself to London where songs such as “Natural Mystic”, “Guiltiness”, and “So Many Things to Say” were recorded as a part of the Exodus album which was named by the 1999 Time magazine as the best album of the 20th century, as well as by the American cable station VH1 as the 26th greatest album ever. Off that album, also came the “One Love” track which was named as the song of the millennium by BBC.

Even though Frank E Flowers was selected as the scriptwriter for the play, Green has decided to work with Zach Bayling, who he teamed up with on his Oscar-nominated “King Richard” to help with the scriptwriting. 

With all being set for the biopic there is no doubt that people are going to appreciate it since Marley lovers extend far across the globe and many generations.

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