Kirby Creates GofundMe To Take Legal Actions Against Majah Hype

Sunday, December 6, 2020, 9:21 PM

A female by the name of Jamila Lyiscott, who declares herself as a friend of Kirby, the ex-girlfriend of Majah Hype, has created a Gofund me page, to generate funds to seek legal actions on behalf of the allegedly abused woman.

In the Gofundme’s description, Jamila wrote that Kirby was a victim of Intimate Partner violence and has been suffering domestic abuse at the hands of the well-known comedian for over a year, something that Majah Hype strongly denies.


According to Kirby’s friend, the allegedly abused female is a survivor of IPV, however, the revenge porn situation with the recent release of the sex tape has damaged her career as a police and the situation needs to be now resolved legally.

Jamila said she and Kirby have been friends since childhood, and she can speak in defence of her friend’s character. She even went ahead and created the hashtag, #Istandwithkirby which has become viral.

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Initially, the Gofund me was at USD 50,000 which has now been reduced to $10,000 due to criticisms.

According to Jamila, Kirby will need a private lawyer as Majah Hype is a celebrity who has status, influence and money and that is why the move is so costly.

Kirby’s friend states that the move by Majah Hype’s ex is a stand up for females who have been facing similar issues.

Majah Hype recently denied ever abusing Kirby, even showing text messages that prove, his ex-wife was cheating on him long before he set eyes on another woman.

The distraught female stated that Majah Hype always makes it look like he is peaceful when he is not.

She said Hype even went as far as working voodoo on her when she left and she has evidence.

Latesha pleaded to Majah Hype, that what he was doing was wrong, also telling the entertainer to tell the truth that he did not have a heart attack and pulled a gun on her that same day.

Visit her GofundMe here:

See current donations below.

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