Majah Hype Tells his Side of the Story Between Ex-Girlfriend – Video

December 4, 2020

Caribbean entertainer Majah Hype who was hesitant on speaking on his personal drama that’s been showcased online is now speaking up about the situation he is going through.

Majah Hype in telling his side of the story outlines that he met his Ex, Latesha who he calls “Kirby” as a fan at one of his shows. According to Majah Hype when he met her, he was with his baby mother and she was with her baby father.


He went on to detail that Kirby cheated on him earlier on in their relationship but he “felt genuine love for Kirby” and that he could help her through certain things, hence he forgave her.

Majah Hype went on to detail how much his Ex’s mother went out of her way to make sure she stayed with her baby father and not with him, “i don’t have no reason to lie i am speaking my truth today” he states before exposing that her mother tried voodoo to make sure she stayed with her baby father.

Before getting to the point Majah Hype says he is apologetic to all the females who went through physical abuse and recalls the day his father chapped his mother hand almost completely off because she was demanding him to get Majah Hype a bicycle.

Majah started to get emotional and stated “Some people are so wicked” pointing fingers at all the people who has been bashing him online.

He also opened up to being molested as a child by a male family member, something he told Kirby about and she turned around and throw it in his face calling him a faggot along with calling his penis small in a recent argument they had.

In the telling video done by Majah Hype he also disclosed that his Ex had a liking for women and their arguments usually be about her being with another woman.


Now about the sex tape, “deep in my heart i know that you released that” states Majah Hype dismissing claims that he was the one who posted it online.

Majah went on to expose the stuff he saw in Kirby’s phone and details the many occasions that she physically abused him.

Watch the full video below.


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