Kizzy Don Buys Back Car for Mackerel, Ending the Controversy with Heartwarming Gesture – Watch Video

Social media personalities, Kizzy Don and Mackerel, have been at the centre of controversy following a car accident and subsequent rants on TikTok.


However, it seems that the two have now found a way to move forward and mend their friendship with a heartwarming gesture that has touched the hearts of their supporters.

See a photo of Kizzy and Mackerel below:

Kizzy Don and Mackerel

In the aftermath of the accident, where Kizzy was the driver, tensions escalated as both parties took to social media to express their frustrations towards each other.

However, instead of allowing antipathy to divide them, she took a different approach to resolving the situation.

With the support of her followers, Kizzy went above and beyond to make amends by purchasing a car for Mackerel. The vehicle, a used Toyota Passo motorcar, is similar to the one damaged in the accident, but this time, it’s a vibrant red instead of silver.

See a photo of her with the vehicle below:

Kizzy Don with car

The purchase was possible with the help of her dedicated supporters, who rallied behind the cause.

In a heartfelt message, Kizzy Don expressed joy in returning the car to Mackerel and hoped they move forward from the incident with their friendship intact. She also took the opportunity to apologise for any hurt or harm caused. She emphasised that she was tired and needed a break.

See a post made by Kizzy Don below:

Kizzy Don post

Mackerel, in response, was overjoyed and deeply appreciative of the kind gesture. She thanked Kizzy profusely, acknowledging that she didn’t have to do it alone, but was genuinely grateful for the act of kindness.

See a video of the conversation between the two below:


The car holds significant importance for Mackerel, as it is to transport her children around safely.

Fans on social media were delighted to see the two together again. They praised Kizzy Don for reconciling and mending the situation. The heartwarming scene of the two hugging and expressing gratitude to one another touched the hearts of many, emphasising the power of compassion and forgiveness.

See some of the comments from @kingmixup Instagram post below:

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