Mackerel Faces Emotional Turmoil After Car Accident: Social Media Community Shows Strong Support

Social media personality Mackerel, born Ladasha Francis, recently found herself in a distressing situation after being involved in a car accident that caused extensive damage to her newly acquired motorcar. 

See a picture of Mackerel with the car before the accident below:

Mackerel Car

In a heartfelt TikTok live stream, Ladasha was in tears as she opened up about the overwhelming emotions and trauma she has faced since the incident.

According to Mackerel, the car had only been in her possession for a week and was on the road for the first time when the accident occurred. The driver at the time of the accident was her friend, Kizzy Don. 

During the live stream, Quite Perry reached out to encourage Francis, understanding the magnitude of the distress she was experiencing. Despite the comforting words, Mackerel was still visibly overwhelmed with emotions.

Ladasha revealed that she purchased the vehicle to transport her daughters, as she wanted to avoid constantly chartering cars for their transportation needs. The accident shattered her plans and added to the turmoil she was facing.

See a picture of the car after the accident below:

Mackerel car

However, Perry helped Mackerel regain some composure and focus on finding solutions to her predicament. He advised her to obtain an estimate of the repair costs, assuring her that together, they would try to assist in getting the car fixed.

He also called upon the social media community to offer their support in any way possible.

See the video below:


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Amid her venting and emotional outpouring, Perry reminded Francis that this unfortunate incident is only a part of her journey, not the entirety of her story. Her supporter encouraged her not to dwell on the current situation but to look ahead and work towards overcoming this obstacle.

Grateful for the support, Mackerel expressed her heartfelt thanks to both Quite Perry and the viewers for their willingness to lend a helping hand.

The video was shared on Instagram by @dancehallstory, and since then, many followers have rallied to offer their assistance and words of encouragement to the social media personality.

See some of the comments below:

Mackerel comments

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