Kizzy Don Shows How to Cook “Gourmet” Tuna; Puts Paper Towel in Frying Pan – Fans React

Social media influencer and aspiring dancehall entertainer Kizzy Don has jumped on the trend of sharing cooking skills online with her recipe for her “gourmet” tuna dish with sweet corn and fried eggs.

During the cooking segment, Kizzy added a voice-over to ensure that her followers could follow the step-by-step process of preparing one of her meals. It starts by showing a variety of sweet peppers in a supermarket and then transitions to her in the kitchen.



To start off, she first greases the frying pan with Crisco butter cooking spray then adds two tins of smoked flavoured Brunswick tuna, with a dash of hot sauce and salt. She then pours a tin of Grace Whole Kernel Sweet Corn onto a plate, noting that she eats it directly from the can.

The cooking video transitions back to the tuna being prepared, with a piece of paper towel seen inside the frying pan with it. According to Kizzy, this is how she gets excess oil out of the pot while cooking.

The final step in the dish was frying three eggs which were placed in the cooking pan and topped with hot sauce.

Kizzy then showed the finished product, which included two raw green sweet peppers with the cooked tuna in between, along with three eggs and sweet corn on a plate.

Seemingly proud of her dish, she invited her fans to try the recipe, “This is the finished product, look how beautiful that is. I need to show you guys, me just munching on. This is amazing guys, all of you guys should go ahead and get your sweet peppers and you sweet corn, eggs,” she said as the video ended.

Watch the full video showing Kizzy’s cooking skills below:


The video was met with numerous laughing reactions from social media, with persons critiquing the recipe and mocking Kizzy Don’s cooking skills. A comment on the post said, “Ohh my lordt!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sick stomach!” while another said, “That was horrendous.”


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