Kizzy Don Receives Backlash for Allegedly Using TikToker’s Gifts to Do Surgery, Fans Demand Back Gifts, Kizzy Responds – Watch Video

Social media personality Kizzy Don has been receiving backlash for allegedly using the money she received on TikTok to undergo surgery. Some of her gifters even demanded that she return their money after news of her surgery became public.

However, Kizzy has denied the allegations and refused to return the gifts she received, explaining that she did not force anyone to support her. Kizzy, who is an upcoming dancehall artiste, addressed the allegations in a video that is already making its way around social media.


In the newly released video, Kizzy explained that she did not scam her supporters on TikTok and that the surgery was paid for by Luxury Doll DR and not with the money she received via TikTok.

“I’m sorry to break it to you this way; I did not scam anyone. I am indeed an ambassador for Luxury Doll DR. First of all, the surgery was leaked… I wasn’t even suppose to come live, and they had to come to my defence,” she said, adding that Luxury Doll DR also spoke out on her behalf to clear the air.

She expressed that she is heartbroken to see that 10% of her supporters are requesting their money back after offering her help during her “lowest point in life.”


Kizzy, who said she is still recovering from the surgery, added that being labelled a thief and scammer is making her feel horrible.

While telling her irate supporters to leave her alone, she stated, “I am tired. If you gifted me unwillingly, I apologise. I do not have any gift to give back to anyone. Kizzy Don did not put a gun at nobody head and asked them to support me even though I was on my face.”

Kizzy expressed that it seemed people would prefer to hear that she was dead because she is always being dragged online. She also sought to clear the air about the speculations about her raising millions through TikTok and denied making that much.

Watch the video of Kizzy below:


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