Mackerel Reportedly Traded the Car Kizzy Don Bought for Her for a Different One – Watch Video

Saturday, August 5, 2023, 6:13 PM GMT-5

Following her reconciliation with friend Kizzy Don after the accident that destroyed her car, social media personality Mackerel has reportedly received a different car after trading the one Kizzy bought for her.
The pair were recently embroiled in a heated online disagreement after Mackerel’s car was damaged while Kizzy was driving her home. With both women at odds, it appeared that their friendship was over, but with the support of her followers, Kizzy bought Mackerel a used Red Toyota Passo motorcar.

Rumours that Mackerel traded Kizzy’s gift for a different vehicle began spreading after a video of her reportedly driving away in her new car began circulating on social media. In the photo from the short video clip, a delighted Mackerel can be seen posing in front of a black Nissan Note while holding what appears to be the documents for the vehicle.

The video then cuts to the car being driven away with the windows up. The video has sparked mixed reactions from viewers online, with some calling Mackerel out for trading Kizzy’s gift and others speaking out in her defence.

“Never expected better. I hope Kizzy learn har lesson and lowe out Mackerel Frenship cus she ano good smaddy,” one viewer stated.

Defending Mackerel, another viewer implied Kizzy had not given Mackerel the car willingly, stating, “Am glad she traded because look at the look Kizzy gave her when she gave her those keys.”



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