Koffee Has the #1 Trending Song/Video in Jamaica

Sunday, July 19, 2020, 4:10 PM GMT-5

Reggae Dancehall superstar Koffee has returned to the top spot in Jamaica youtube stream after releasing her latest music video and first of the year for her hit song titled “Lockdown”.

Released July 17th, Lockdown has racked up over 900k views in just two days.


SOME LYRICS: “Where will we go when the quarantine thing done and everybody touch road… i know your feeling me you know i’m feeling you”.

According to youtube and several other online platforms “Lockdown” is the most streamed song in Jamaica, noted on July 19th.

The second most streamed song this week is Alkaline’s “We Up”, while the third most streamed is “Antisocial” by Intence.

Watch koffee’s hit song visuals below

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