Koffee Spotted With This Cutie On The North Coast

Saturday, April 3, 2021, 1:01 PM GMT-5

“Lockdown” artiste Koffee, apparently is no longer inside as she was spotted recently on the North coast, at the Sharkies Seafood restaurant. The Grammy kid was seen in a picture, with another which caused much excitement amongst her fans as they curiously wondered about the two.

The picture was taken with makeup artiste Terri, and it showed the two women chilling on the Salem beach in Runaway bay and many fans have since wondered if that was Koffee’s “Fancy” she spoke about in the “Lockdown” song.

People have already started calling the two “Koffee and Creamer”, “Koffee and Mint tea” and “Koffee and French Toast”, assuming that they are a couple however no one is sure about that.

Even though the entertainer’s followers were having fun thinking all the things that they wanted Terri later commented on the photos making it known that she is just a fan.

Ever since the “Toast” artiste breakout, people have been assuming her sexuality, but that is something she has not declared publicly even though she dresses like men at times and have posted speculative pictures with women.

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Koffee has been sighted with several other attractive females in the past causing Foota Hype to lash out against her assumed sexuality at one point.

RELATED: GOSSIP: Fans are Saying This is Koffee’s Girlfriend

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