Konshens Obsessively Yearns For His Wife

Sunday, November 28, 2021, 1:39 PM GMT-5

The winter season is in and while things are getting colder, Dancehall artiste Konshens has been seeking warmth from his on and off wife Latoya Wright, as the entertainer has been seen posting multiple pictures of her on his Instagram account, with captions suggesting he misses her a lot.

The entertainer got married in the year 2017, to the Miami Businesswoman, and they share two children, a boy by the name of Liam, and a girl whose name is Sajh.

In December 2020, Konshens went public on his social media account, announcing that he and Wright had been separated for almost a year. This was also confirmed by the “Boom Bang” artiste’s wife, who in a question and answer session with her Instagram followers told them she was single for 8 months at the time.

In one of his recent posts, Konshens showed a slide show with over 10 pictures of his gorgeous wife. A few of the images show Wright’s body while she was posing in the mirror. For that, the entertainer captioned the post, by writing “jus a remind u. If a one ting fi sure,” u mirror Nah tell no lie, u look nice all di time”, This the deejay wrote while showing the smiley face emoji with heart eyes, showing that his wife is all that is on his mind at this time.

Konshens and Wright have been on and off for some time, since their marriage, nonetheless, the two has not announced a divorce which might mean that the possibility of them getting back together is still real, added to the fact that the public does not know what goes on behind closed doors when the two are together.

See some of the pictures below.

On the other hand, Konshens releases his fifth solo studio album on November 12. His latest Red Reign LP is a homage to his red-haired reign over the dancehall charts. Years ago, Konshens lost a bet that forced him to dye his hair, and his crimson locks have become his signature look in the decade since. Red is a bold colour associated with love, danger, and seduction.

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These themes coincide with recent events in Konshens’ life, like his tumultuous public relationship, the threats of the pandemic, and the desire to connect with others after forced isolation. During the quarantine, Konshens created over 70 new songs, with eighteen appearing on his latest project. This creative experience has inspired Konshens to hold nothing back, prompting the artist’s evolved intensity and sexuality.

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