Konshens Responds To IG Followers After Being Bashed For Video With Son Listening To Explicit Music

After posting a video on his Instagram account showing him and his son listening to a raw version of one of his songs, Dancehall artiste Konshens came under heavy scrutiny for the nature of the track he was playing around the child as it included words such as “pussy” and “fuck”.

In the post that the entertainer made with his son, the “Winner” artiste appeared to be taking him through some music tutelage, as he wrote on the video that “DANCEHALL GI WI EVERYTHING”. Regardless of the true nature of what was happening, it seemed as if the Social media users that saw the post just could not take it well and went on to voice their opinions on the matter.

As for the deejay though, he did not share the same sentiments about the situation and went on to quickly respond to the angry social media users who were in disagreement with what he did, defending his actions and highlighting the type of child his son is.

In his response to his agitated fans, Konshens had much to say by making it clear that no other person can tell him what is inappropriate or appropriate for his son. He went on to make them know they can continue to make society dictate what is wrong or right in their household but for his child it’s him and his mom who sets those standards.

Konshens was not finished as he went on to make it known that his son is not the “fool fool” type of child that can be easily led and told what to do. The deejay also cleared up that his son is a straight-A student and put it out there that he wonders what the parents who commented on his post are telling their children when the pastor they are living their lives for gets locked up for molestation.

As for the deejay, he made it known to his followers that his children will grow up to be ready for the real world and as a way to dismiss the people hating the situation he concluded the post by declaring that none of their comments was relevant.

Watch Konshens and son listening explicit song below.

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