Kranium responds to Aidonia’s camp dissing him over Summer Jam’s performance

June 12, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Last weekend was Hot 97s Annual Summer Jame where several dancehall artistes were scheduled to perform including Konshens, Kranium, Aidonia and Hood Celebrityy. According to reports Aidonia was set to perform right after Kranium however during Kranium’s set there were some technical difficulties with regards to sound which caused the “nobody affi know” singer to go over his time which in return shorten Aidonia’s performance time for no longer had he started to perform he was being told that time is up.

As a result Aidonia’s brother took to social media to express their issues with Kranium in a disrespectful manner. Aidonia’s manager brother said “Kill mi waa kill dem… some a dem artiste bwoy yah… Some a dem artiste bwoy yah wicked, dem lock off wi mic… some a dem artiste bwoy yah all fi dem self… Who mi a talk? b***ybwoy Kranium bout who love pum pum and mek the time run out pan wi.”


In response Kranium had the following to say “90% of time artist fall out with each other over organization of a show set time unfortunately what happened have nothing to with me and it Fuck my meds up since them fling me under the bus and me done with this being humble shit no one respect it AT ALL AT ALLLLLllllll #butthemnogivememyfullratingsanyways”

see full post by Kranium below!


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