Kyle Banned from Craig’s house as Saga Intensifies in the Court

Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 4:51 PM GMT-5

Former Jamaica under 23 footballer kyle Buttler is currently entangled in a legal battle with his manager father Craig Butler after Kyle took to social media several weeks ago to report the abuse he has been getting from his father for years.

The last altercation between the two ended bloody with Kyle having to get several stitches and according to Craig Kyle fell and cut himself.

Both father and son have since press charges against each other and are currently trying to iron out their problems with each other in front of the court.

Their last court proceeding took place earlier this week at the Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate Court and Kyle’s attorney Tom Tavares-Finson explained to the Jamaica Star that his client Kyle would like to get several items from his father’s house.

However Craig “is quite concerned that if he comes inside of the premises things might happen that they may not want to happen, so the sister will take the things if he has anything there, and provide him with it,” Tavares-Finson detailed.

Earlier Craig told the court that, “Certain illegal vices were found in the house and he (Kyle) knows that he is not to bring these things there and I will not subject my family to these things anymore. I will not allow Kyle near my family ever,” he stated.

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Throughout the saga Craig Butler has denied the allegations of him abusing his son, attributing what Kyle said about him, to major issues that he is going through also stating that he has only supported his son.

Kyle posted the following images on Twitter about his alleged abuse.

Earlier in a Facebook post Sophia Smith-Butler, the mother of Kyle stated that she was not fully ready to speak on the matter, however, she mentioned that the days of slavery were finished.

This small statement, carried a lot of weight as it relates to the abusive claims as she declared her agreement, with everything her son said.

She spoke to the fact that the days when people owned others were over, further stating that people should be able to live without their dignity, and human rights, being violated.

Sophia made it clear that a narcissistic personality, can be very damaging to lives around them, and it just happens that there might never be a way for someone like that to understand the devastating effects of themselves on others as they tend to shy away from accepting when they are wrong.

The court proceedings are expected to resume on March 11th, 2020.

It’s believed that both father and son were very close before their most recent fight which took place at Mona High School during a Phoenix Academy training session.

Kyle has attributed his father’s abused towards him as a result of him not being a yes man to his father in particular when it comes to football.

Bother Kyle and Craig have been ordered by the court to not make anymore mention of the matter on social media nor via other news outlets.

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