Kyle Butler Addresses Rvssian Feud Plus Talks Parenting, Producing, Craig Butler, Controversies etc – Watch Video

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 9:19 PM

Newly turned father Kyle Butler expresses his joy of having his first son as he opens up about his family life. The former professional footballer turned producer also addresses a few controversies surrounding his name, including his online feud with fellow producer Rvssian and owed money accusations.

Kyle revealed the positive advice his dad, Craig Butler, offered him on being a father, as well as the vision he has for his child. “I want my son to be grown all rounded, being able to adapt to any situation in life, so wherever room him go into he don’t feel intimidated, want him to educated, athletic of course and yeah me ago mek him learn an instrument as well,” Kyle outlined.


He continues the interview by discussing his heated disagreement with Rvssian’s recent remarks about the minimal influence of gatekeepers in dancehall music. Kyle said he profusely disagrees with Rvssian comments as it could lead to dancehall artistes believing that they don’t need producers and managers to elevate their careers.

Rvssian and Kyle Butler
Rvssian | Kyle Butler

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According to Kyle, he is only looking out for the best interest of artistes, especially the upcoming ones.

Kyle went on to state that Rvssian was using his large platform to sprout nonsensical arguments and have people believe them; he outlined that as the main reason for his recent comments aimed at the Dutty Money Riddim producer.

Kyle compounded his arguments by asking, “When yuh say now seh is not no gatekeeping thing is just YouTube and TikTok or whatever it is, and you’re not playing any part in developing these artistes in helping them from early out fi really mek dem really go so ‘bums’ and buss weh, come on, why.. using your platform to really feed that to the public?”

As it relates to a female claim about Kyle owing her money, the producer refuted her claims, as he listed the multiple things he has done for her. Kyle claimed that he helped her get a job in the past and also accused her of clout chasing because of his recent social media controversy.

See the video below:

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