Kylie Jenner Get Restraining Order For Obsessed Fan

Saturday, November 2, 2019, 9:53 AM GMT-5

Kylie Jenner had to contact her lawyer and get a restraining order taken out against a man because he went to her home and aggressively knocked at her door, and also asked to see her.

According to reports, Kylie’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley the man came to her home on Tuesday and simply walked up her driveway before he started hitting the door very hard. He said he wanted to see her, he was escorted off the property and arrested by a Security Guard.

Even though she was at home in a gated community with security he was able to get to her front door. The security guard stated that he was behaving nervous and erratic when he filed legal documents.

Kylie reported that she is scared for her own and Stormi’s safety and she is also afraid that the guy will return to her home in the future as he continues stalking her.

She knows that the man follows her and her other family members on Social Media.

It is good that she was not at home when he arrived there.
The restraining order states that he should not be seen less than 100 yards away from her home, her car, and her.

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