Large Amounts Of Cocaine Hidden In Marine Vessel Seized By Joint Police Military Team

In their efforts this year to step up their game against criminal activities, the JCF in collaboration with the JDF has made a drug bust where they seized portions of cocaine that were packed away in a marine vessel for transport.

The information was released via the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Twitter page where they revealed in a video that it was a boat that got searched, leading them to find the large amounts of cocaine.


The specific weighting of the drugs was not revealed; however, according to the information retrieved from the JCF’s social media page, the illegal items were stored away in the side of the vessel which was cut open by the Police after it was taken to the Marine division, leading to the exposure of the hidden items.

In connection with the bust, the Police have said that three men have so far been arrested while other investigations are currently on the way.

Watch the video of a Joint Police-military team below as they find hidden cocaine in the Marine vessel.

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