Lawmen vs. Mountain View Residents Violent Battle Caught on Camera; Rastaman Viciously Attacked, “All woman dem a beat to rawtid” – Watch Video

Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 5:47 AM

Following the fatal shooting of a man on Monday in the Mountain View community located in St. Andrew, residents took to Mountain View Avenue to protest against what they label an unlawful killing by law enforcers.

The man killed was known as ‘Scrums’, further reports detail that a soldier was also shot and injured during the joint operation in the community, a pistol was also reportedly recovered.


In protest of the killing, the residents of the community used old appliances to block the road which led to multiple physical clashes between the residents and law-enforcers, some of which were caught on camera. One of the videos now circulating online shows a rasta man being viciously struck in the head by a soldier which resulted in the rasta man falling to the ground and taking a while to get back on his feet.

After that incident, females can be heard lashing out at the soldiers, detailing that the rastaman’s eye was badly injured and that the attack was unwarranted.

Moments later, a few females also got into an heated altercation with several soldiers, during the altercation, a female was seen being slapped in the face multiple times by law enforcers.

Also see, more scenes below:

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