Leading Jamaican Scammer Could Face Long Sentence

Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 6:26 PM GMT-5

Federal prosecutors in Bismarck, North Dakota are seeking to imprison a Rhode Island woman as she was the one who funneled lottery scam money between Jamaica and the US, her sentence could double what is being sought for the ringleader from Jamaica.

Lavrick Willock the head one didn’t get as many years as Melinda Bulgin who they are seeking a 14-year sentence for her crime.

In September a jury convicted 28-year-old Bulgin of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering in a scam that authorities said, that milked more than 100 mostly elderly Americans. They lost more than US$6 million because of the scammers. This scam was believed to be the first large-scale Jamaican scam tried in the US. Most of the 14 Jamaicans accepted plea deals with the Government and the other 17 defendants were Americans who were facing the court with their lawyers.

Willocks lived in a mansion with his mother in Jamaica and ran the scam from his home. The judge credited him with cooperating and gave him a 6 year sentence.

It was reported that there were victims in 31 states and at least one person committed suicide. The initial identified victims lives in North Dakota, that is why the case was prosecuted there.

Bulgin went to trial but she didn’t accept responsibility and wasn’t feeling sorry for the persons who suffered loss. She has been detained because she is seen as a flight risk, her sentence will be handed down on April 17. She could be held in prison for a significant amount of time. Since it has been reported that a lawyer is seeking, a 14 years prison sentence for her due to her lack of cooperation.

Bulgin who had an Airline job and funneled scam proceeds via cheap flights she arranged. She was eventually caught at a Jamaican airport in 2015. It seems unfair that a longer prison term is being asked for, for Bulgin while the master mind behind the scam will be in prison for 6 years.

At this time no one knows what will happen when the trial ends.

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