Learn about Teejay vs Popcaan growing beef saga

Saturday, December 29, 2018, 6:28 PM GMT-5

Couple weeks ago Popcaan publicly denounced the “BRAFF” slang which was made popular by Mobay deejay Teejay. a couple weeks ago shortly after dissing an Alkaline fan about BATTYWASH, popcaan made his way to another comment in which he said in reply “me nuh know bout you but mi nuh do braff”, fans went crazy after this tagging teejay and bashing Popcaan for dissing Teejay.

Now Teejay seemingly is taking a follow-up Job at Popcaan in a recent comments on IG. After posting a video of Mavado giving him props, a fan commented stating that “Dats y popcaan nuh rate u dem man yah yu a par wid mi g” after which teejay quickly replied saying “Bad man wi par nuh fool” assuming that Popcaan is a fool or clown in the business.

he also went live and said “any body who nah braff lost”, he went on to say that “braf mean good, upliftment, our braff different!… me inna mi owna lane suh nuh boy cah style me”

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